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1st CEOE International Conference
CELS Global Brazil 2024
Conference on Empirical Legal Studies
São Paulo, June 5-7
Bernard Black

Bernard S. Black

Specializes in health policy, causal inference, law and finance, and corporate governance. Black initiated the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies and the Journal of Law, Finance and Accounting, contributing significantly to empirical legal scholarship with over 150 articles.
Bernard S. Black is the Nicholas D. Chabraja Professor at Northwestern University, covering interdisciplinary roles and research areas.
Maria Paula

Maria Paula D. Bucci

"As founder of the Brazilian Research Network in Law and Public Policy, I see CELS as a valuable opportunity to enrich the global dialogue on research methods in the field. The interaction between theory and empirical investigation holds promise for transforming governmental action in this era of change."
Maria Paula D. Bucci is a Professor at the Faculty of Law at USP, PhD and Associate Professor at the same institution.
Michael Heise

Michael Heise

“As a Founding Director of the Society for Empirical Legal Studies, I have witnessed the rapid globalization of empirical legal research. Brazil’s CELS Global Conference will both help deepen the scholarly infrastructure in Brazil and propel the growth of empirical legal studies world-wide.”
Michael Heise is the William G. McRoberts Professor in the Empirical Study of Law, Cornell Law School.
Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks

Brooks’ research is grounded in applied theoretical and empirical methodologies brought to bear on everyday exchanges and social organization. At the CELS Global Conference, Brooks will discuss challenges and opportunities posed by new technologies for the study of social behavior.
Richard R. W. Brooks is the Emilie M. Bullowa Professor of Law at New York University.
Ivan Ribeiro

Ivan Ribeiro

“CELS interdisciplinary approach, bringing together legal scholars, political scientists, economists, and a host of other disciplines, is very much in the spirit of the CEOE itself. I am delighted we will bring these state-of-the-art discussions on empirical research to Brazil.”
Ivan Ribeiro is Law and Public Policy Professor at Unifesp, and Senior Research Scholar from Yale.
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Early Decision Paper Submission

December 12-28, 2023
Decisions on January 3, 2024

Regular Paper Submission

Deadline extended
December 29, 2023
February 18, 2024
Decisions on March 04, 2024

Travel and Lodge
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Until March 10, 2024




General questions:


1170 Rua Maestro Cardim
Iran Siqueira Lima Building
Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP, 01323-001

Keynote Speakers


Bernard S. Black

Northwestern University


Maria Paula Dallari Bucci

Universidade de São Paulo


Michael Heise

Cornell Law School


Richard Brooks

New York University


SELS – Society for Empirical Legal Studies

PPGD/Unirio – Programa de Pós-Graduação em Direito – Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Tndnet – Worldwide Network on Law and Public Policy



Insper – Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa

RedeDPP – Rede de Direito e Políticas Públicas

USP – Faculdade de Direito de Ribeirão Preto

ABDE – Associação Brasileira de Direito e Economia


FGV Direito Rio – Escola de Direito do Rio de Janeiro

REED – Rede de Estudos Empíricos no Direito

HB – Habeas Data

ACEP – Associação Cearense de Estudos e Pesquisas


Ivan César Ribeiro

Unifesp – Federal University of São Paulo

Rafael Barros Barbosa

CEOE/Unifesp – Centro de Estudos da Ordem Econômica

Coordination Office

CEOE/Unifesp – Centro de Estudos da Ordem Econômica

Senior Staff

Jessica Mayumi Maruyama

Karine Teixeira Borri


Clara Duarte Augusto

Clerisvaldo Lucas Queiroz da Silva Santos

Giovanni Oka Ugolini

Isadora Coelho Lemos e Carvalho

IT Infrastrucuture


Julio Trecenti

CEOE/Unifesp – Centro de Estudos da Ordem Econômica


Diego Henrique dos Santos Araújo

Gustavo Goudim Aredes Pimentel

IT Infrastructure Office

CEOE/Unifesp – Centro de Estudos da Ordem Econômica

Executive Committee

Brazilian members

Alexandre Samy de Castro

IPEA – Applied Economic Research Institute

Andreza Aparecida Palma

Federal University of São Carlos

Antônio Maristrello Porto

FGV/RJ – Faculty of Law

Benedito Fonseca e Souza Adeodato

UniRio – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State

Benjamin Tabak

EPPG/FGV – School of Public Policy and Government

Bernardo Muller

UnB – University of Brasilia

Bradson Camelo

TCE/PB – Paraíba Audit Court e Brazilian L&E Association

Camila Torres César

USP – University of São Paulo/Faculty of Law

Fabiana Fontes Rocha

USP – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

João Manoel de Lima Junior

FGV/RJ – Faculty of Law

José Mário Wanderley Gomes Neto

UniCAP – Catholic University of Pernambuco

Luciana Romano Morilas

USP/Ribeirão – Faculty of Management and Economics

Marcos Vinício Chein Feres

UFJF/Faculty of Law – Brazilian Network of Empirical Legal Studies

Maria Paula Costa Bertran

USP/Ribeirão – Faculty of Law

Rafael Mafei Rabelo Queiroz

USP – University of São Paulo/Faculty of Law

Saulo de Oliveira Pinto Coelho

UFG – Brazilian Law and Public Policy Network

Sheila Neder Cerezetti

USP – University of São Paulo/Faculty of Law

Executive Committee

Foreign members

Dawn Chutkow

Cornell Law School, Editor of the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies

Kathryn Zeiler

Boston University School of Law, chair of the board of directors for the Society of Empirical Legal Studies

Stefan Voigt

Universität Hamburg – Faculty of Law – Member for European Union

Yun-chien Chang

Cornell Law School – Member for Asia and region

William H. J. Hubbard

University of Chicago Law School – Member for North America

Local Organizing Committee

Ana Clara Martins de Lima

C. Lucas Queiroz da Silva

Clara Duarte Augusto

Diego Henrique dos Santos Araujo

Frederico Haddad

Geovana Luiza Vieira

Giovanni Oka Ugolini

Gustavo Goudim Aredes Pimentel

Isadora Coelho Lemos e Carvalho

Jessica Mayumi Maruyama

Karine Borri

Lívia de Araújo Corrêa

Luis Antonio Santos Thiemann Corso da Costa

Marcelo Machado Fonseca Filho

Paola Costanzo

Renata Pereira Barreto

CEOE Strategic Council

Ivan César Ribeiro

Unifesp – Coordinator and Principal Investigator

Janine Schirmer

Unifesp – 1st Deputy Coordinator

Leandro F. M. Rezende

Unifesp – 2nd Deputy Coordinator

Caio Fernando Fontana


Diogo de Prince Mendonça


Emília Inoue Sato


Jair Ribeiro Chagas


José Francisco Siqueira Neto


Marcelo Guedes Nunes


Marina Mitiyo Yamamoto


Paulo Schor


CEOE International Council

Albert Fishlow

Columbia University

Arthur Barrionuevo


Carlos Ari Sundfeld


Celso Campilongo


Christoph Engel

Max Planck

John Donohue


Marcos Perez


Naercio Menezes


Roberta Romano


Roberto Pfeiffer